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The term Chicano is derived from the word Mejicano or Mexican, which it itself is rooted in the word Mexicano (with the “x” pronounced as “ch”) within the Nahuatl language from which it stems. Mexicano was thus in reference to the Mexica, or Aztecs as later called by the Spanish colonists, and was derived from the union of four terms: meztli (moon), xictli (bellybutton), coyotl (offspring, child of), noxt (yes). Although translations rarely do justice to actual meanings of words, it is from these root words that mexica translates roughly to ‘children from the bellybutton of the moon’. Likewise, xicano, from its Nahuatl base can be taken to mean an affirmation ‘Yes! I am the child of the bellybutton/earth’.

Robert Hernandez, Running for Peace and Dignity

this made my heart melt… somos el obligito de la luna/we are the moon’s bellybutton

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…BUT MEXICAS OR “AZTECS” WERE NOT THE ONLY NATIVE PEOPLE GROUP!!! There were many other indigenous groups there before them and while their empire existed. To this day we have so many other indigenous groups. This is why I don’t identify with the “chicano” movement. I could well be a mixteco descendant so does that mean I am subpar cause I’m not “Aztec?”

This is why I don’t like this movement to be honest. Especially from west coasters who try and force use east coast mexicans to adopt this thinking and movement. No. Just stop. We have some people here in nyc speaking Mixteco, Zapoteco, Mazahua and Nahuatl and it’s just overall a different mexican culture here. (via carlosopolar)

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